Aug 4, 2009

MAC Fluidline En

My favorite eyeliner is the gel form kind. And in this case, it's the MAC Fluidline. The only problem is that it dries rather quickly. The "sparkling" kind dries even faster than the "regular" kind.
When my current Fluidline started to get annoying, I bought a new one (even though it was still more than half full). But just then, the weather changed and the summer arrived, the temperature increased, and like a magic, the old bottle was working good again. Sadly, I had already bought a new one.
But lately, though the summer is definitely still here, the old bottle started to stutter again.
So, I decided to give it a shot, and add a drop of Fix+ into the fluidline. And like magic, in that first try, my fluidline became soft and nice, once again.
Good Luck!

Picture taken from MAC's site.

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